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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall - a Bountiful Harvest

A trunk full plus 3 baskets of pumpkins and squash of all kinds. I just noticed the full gunny sack at the side of the car. I wonder if it is full of gourds.
I think I even see the spare tire among the squash. That was our new car, too! A two-tone blue 1952 Chevrolet. It is the car I learned to drive, and drove it many miles as a teenager. Dad refused to get a new car until AFTER I got married and left home. Hmm. I wonder why?

I can remember this was the year that Dad planted all those pumpkin and squash seeds among the sweet corn rows at the edge of the field of regular corn.  I don't remember what they did with them all. I only remember them doing it this one year. I am wondering if Mom had read about doing that in a farm magazine or newspaper. Every year she seemed to try something new. One year it was raising a couple of white turkeys that were allowed to run loose on the yard. They could get mean and chase you. And another year it was white geese, and for a few years we had a few Mallard ducks roaming around. I hated those geese because they would chase you, too, and take a bite out of your leg! I did love the ducks, especially the baby ducks. And drakes are so pretty. I can remember a few of the ducks, turkeys and geese made it to our dinner table for holidays.

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  1. What a fun amazing photo! I wonder if they loaded them in the car to take them to a sale or to a school to donate them.


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