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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Before and After - tables

This is the old, falling apart, piano bench that I am replacing. When my grandkids pretty much demolished the bench when goofing off around the piano, it became a place to display some plants under the window. Now, the bench was about on its last legs before the grandkids came so it wasn't totally their fault.

One day not long ago, I happened to be looking over the Target ad online and a small table caught my eye. When I checked the measurements I found that it was almost exactly the same size as the bench only taller. Price wasn't too bad, but I wasn't quite ready to spend the money. Later it was on sale, plus free shipping, plus an extra 15% off, and I ordered it via Ebates to get another 2.5% off! I thought that was probably the best I was going to do price wise, so it was ordered.

I had a little assembly to do but that was just screwing in some short bolts to attach the metal legs. Easy peasy.

Here is the result:

I am very happy with it. There are also 2 drawers to fill. They are still empty as I have not figured out what will go in them. I probably should get some nice coasters for the rare occasions I might have company that wants to set a drink there.

Now, if you come to my blog expecting some beautiful house and furniture, I am sure you are disappointed.  Things aren't the way I would like them to be, but it is the best I can do with what I have and what I can afford, plus my limited energy and ability to move around, not to mention that I am renting and am limited as to what I am allowed to do.

The walls look light blue in the picture, but they are white - every room has white walls. I hate white walls! I would love to paint the living room a light coffee latte, but I am not sure that color would work with the tan carpet which is more like a rose beige. Not my favorite.

I enjoy other blogs that show all the neat decorating they have done, but that isn't happening here except in my dreams. I barely have any surfaces to put even my old displays out that I loved. I would like to get some new accessories but am not sure what I can find that I like plus afford, will work in like I want it to. Some people have a real knack for that and I would love to have them come to my house and arrange things! But first, I think I need to keep working at decluttering and that has come to a standstill right now. One of these days. . . . . .


  1. I like your little table, Lorita. Your home is comfortable, isn't it? That's what really matters. Shame I'm so far away ... I could help you paint and (chat). Chatting while working makes everything go quickly. Sue

  2. Looks very nice and you did some smart shopping. I don't do much surface decorating as my grandchildren are too tempted by it.


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