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Thursday, June 1, 2017


First cataract surgery done. All went well with surgery yesterday, although the cataract was quite thick and a bit hard to remove. So I agree with everyone who said to get it done as soon as possible. What is supposed to be no stitches ended up being two. I did wait too long, but since I could still see quite well, I didn't see it so necessary to get it done before. Plus after going through all the other surgeries in the past 2 years, I was a bit preoccupied.

I have to say that this was a strange experience because they did not put me to sleep, so was well  aware of everything that was going on. But, with local anesthetic and some intravenous sedative, there was no pain. Darwin, the anesthetist, remained by my side the whole time and would add more sedative if things got uncomfortable. I didn't need it. He told me before I went back for surgery that he would be doing that. I told him I preferred not being able to remember everything but he said I needed to be awake as the doctor would be telling me what to do. When I protested he said he didn't lie. Well. . . then I really had to tease him and said he lied all the time. We must have a little laughter at times like these. He gave it back to me, too.

My eye was a little scratchy yesterday. It sometimes felt like there was an eyelash in my eye. But after a good night's sleep (a rare occasion!) the eye is very comfortable. Vision is fairly good, though it sort of comes and goes as far as clarity. It will take time for the new lens to settle down. So far it seems like colors are a bit faded, but white is very white. When I look through the eye that is not done yet, everything has a bit of a yellow cast compared to the new one.

Usually you have to go back the day after surgery for a post-op checkup but they did it about three hours after surgery yesterday instead. It seems the doctor was going to be at one of the satellite clinics today and would not be available. That worked out very well since it would have meant another 60 mile trip and needing another driver to take me. Another checkup is scheduled for Monday, and the following week is supposed to be another checkup, but that is when I have the other eye done, so I guess both will get done that day. Then there will be the followup visits for the next two weeks. I am so tired of checkup after checkup and trip after trip so I do hope this is the end of any major health problems for a long time. But at my age, that may be wishful thinking.

My friend Julie drove me yesterday and we had a very nice visit during all the waiting times. I don't think either one of us was quiet all day, even though she is more than half my age. It was a delight to have her along and I am thankful she was available to taxi me around all day.

One done, and one to go.