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Thursday, February 13, 2020


Update: This afghan and pillow sold for $350 plus $500 in donations at the church auction!

This is a totally different type of pattern than I have done before. It was fun to make.

 If you look at four squares together you should be able to see a light circle, plus the diamond shape in the individual squares. The pillow colors are reversed for contrast, which worked out well as I had just enough black to finish both.

I haven't found out what it sold for yet, so will update later.

I have started another afghan that I hope to donate next year. It might take me all year to make it! It is done in fine yarn and size 5 knitting needles, so there are lots and lots of stitches to be made. It is a good thing it is done in strips as I am doing a lot of correcting mistakes because I counted wrong.

Until next time. . . . .