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Tuesday, May 19, 2020



This is the theme for 2020. At this time we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that is world wide. There are many rules, among them are keeping at least 6 feet apart, stay at home, wear medical type masks, no large events and many things cancelled. Stores and restaurants have been closed (but that restriction is cancelled and some are starting to reopen.) About 20% unemployment in the country due to all the closings.

It is a dreary story so I am not going to dwell on it. I am doing well. I have not gone anywhere. Period. Yesterday I did go to the clinic to get my finger pricked for a protime test, but it was curbside service. The nurse came out to my van in full safety gear to do the test. My blood is at the right thinness so I can wait a month to have it done again.

I do not have a face mask since I don't plan to go anywhere, but I think I will have to break down and get one in case I do need to go somewhere. The masks are hard to find as most places are sold out. Many are sewing their own masks and I might have to resort to that.

My two Bible study ladies check up on me now and then. One offers to get groceries for me when she goes shopping for herself and her mother, and I order a lot more shelf stable groceries online. I am pretty well stocked up on those things now, it is just fresh stuff my friend has to get for me. Both gals will bring me a meal now and then and that is always a treat as I get tired of what I usually eat every day.

I don't mind the seclusion as it just seems an extension of my usual winter hibernation. I have plenty to keep me busy and no chance of boredom for me. I am working on a new afghan for the next church auction.

I can't seem to get my mind on blogging, however, so I apologize for so few posts. Maybe I can get back on track soon.

Until next time . . . . .