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Friday Morning Bible Study - Covenant

Holy Week of Easter

Spiritual Growth - John 3:16

Power Perfected in Weakness

What's So Amazing About Grace?

What to Do When the Heat is Turned Up - trials

Advent Devotions (I wrote)

Another Advent Devotion (I wrote)

A funeral is not death, but a birth celebration

tips on grief

"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

The Song is Ended but the Melody Lingers on

Faith - Follow the Rules

"But God . . . . . ."

Book of Eli


Something to Think About - one liners

Something to Think About - part 2

What's in Your Sponge?

Shrek the Sheep

Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness - Creative Word

Light and Darkness - Blinded by the Light

Light and Darkness - Led by the Light

Light and Darkness - Thy Word (video)

Light and Darkness - Finding Our Light

Light and Darkness - Light of Discovery

Light and Darkness - Walking in the Light

Light and Darkness - Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Not All Empty (devotion)

Prayer of Confession using the Beatitudes

That's My Story and I'm Sticking to it

Tying the Knot - marriage

The God of What's Left

Faith and Prayer

The Lamb

True Worship

The Threshing Floor

Church Terms that Should Be - for fun

The Devil Left His Bags

Calm the Storm

Living with Lions

Israel Blind and Deaf - Isaiah 42

The Good News in Isaiah 43

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