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Monday, October 7, 2013

Pictures.. . I've Got Pictures!


I spent a good share of this morning looking through pictures in albums and in shoe box size photo boxes. I found many that I did not realize I had of some ancestors - I think they are great grandparents and others. They will be in future "Down Memory Lane" posts as well as many others that I sorted out. But. . . I did not find some post size ink drawings made by a relative. I am not sure but I think she was my mother's cousin in St. Louis. I wanted to include them with another picture that I have ready to post here. I know that I had seen those post cards not that long ago. I can even remember reading what she said on the back of at least one of them so I know it was recent. But after going through drawers and albums that I know I had been in not long ago, plus many more, I have not found them back. I will keep searching, but for now I have more than enough to scan and write about. I have so many that I may have to post some on other days of the week. They might even show up on "What's Cooking. . " I sure hope you all don't get bored with all the pictures of people you don't know. Some I may show you just because of the style of clothing at the time the pictures were taken.
I just love this picture of my dad.

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