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Thursday, January 23, 2020


Imagine my surprise when I was checking out an online idea post about hiding trash cans and one of those ideas is below.

 Here is the one I did several years ago.

The tables look almost identical in design. Mine looks to be wider.

And here I thought my idea was original. Maybe the person that did the white one saw it on my blog? Anyway, I came up with the idea myself and didn't copy anything.

Mine was not done to hide trash cans, but to hide the messy stuff stored under it. Well, as I look at this picture closer I did have a small trash can in there, where I put recycle things until I made a trip to the garage.

I am still using the table but in my new house I don't need to hide anything so the curtain is in a drawer.

I currently have the wooden decoy duck on the top of the table. The stuffed duck is still there but the rest is gone and there is a book next to it. The pillow is on the couch. I am too lazy to get up and take a new picture. 😸

Until next time . . . . .