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Monday, September 30, 2013

This 'n' That - Grands having fun

When the twins were here recently they played a lot with Pla-Do at the kitchen table. There are some molds that make play food, so they were constantly bringing me 'sandwiches' and 'fruit' snacks, pretending to be cooks and waiters. It kept those almost 9 year olds busy for a long time. Their birthdays are coming up October 5.

This is Joseph being silly with Pla-Do on his nose.

This is the alligator that Joelle was making. She went to a lot of work on the details, making each tooth separately and then attaching, as well as those things on the spine. It seems to be more of a dinosaur alligator, doesn't it. She is the younger artist in the family. Too bad I didn't get more of her in the picture. I am getting a little better at thinking to take pictures now that I am doing this blog.

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