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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Down Memory Lane - My Graduation Picture

My high school graduation picture. I graduated (yes, I did!) in 1961. Those were the days when I still had a figure.
We had our 50th class reunion 2 years ago and had a great time seeing everybody. Nobody had changed (HA!) All but a couple of women had gray/white hair. We all know why those two had dark hair, don't we? The men who still had hair were also gray/white. But we were able to still recognize everyone. What is interesting is that after 50 years the 'clicks' are now on common ground, and I talked to the guys that I doubt I ever talked with in school. There was lots of catching up and reminiscing going on. Everyone commented afterward how much fun it was. We need to do this again, maybe in 5 years? We don't want to wait too long since we have already lost 3 classmates - one to cancer, one to scleroderma, and one had fallen off a cliff while mountain climbing.

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  1. Wow, fell off a mountain? What an adventurer! You were a lovely young woman and you're a lovely senior woman, too!


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