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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

'Tis Home Sweet Home - Pantry Reorganizing - again

It is hard for me to believe, but it has been over a year ago that I talked here about cleaning out and organizing my pantry! Well, I was at it again recently. 

Above is what it looked like when I was in the process of organizing 15 months ago. That wide board is the front half of the middle shelf. I had also removed the front half of the top shelf. That makes it so much easier to find things on the shelves below.

The above picture is what it looked like a week later, after I had gone shopping and stocked up on a whole lot of great sales. Not too bad considering what I have to work with. I am in no way an expert at organizing, especially in getting it to look really neat. I just have too much stuff that has to go into a small space. I would like to stock up even more when there are good sales, but there just isn't room -- yet.

This picture shows you what it looks like today, after I put in the can storage racks and got the canned goods neater and able to find what I need, and what I am low on. I could use a couple more racks but there is no more room. I have one-of-a-kind cans there that do not need a place in a rack. At least now I am able to see what I have. I wanted to eliminate the front plank of that shelf, but there is just too much there to be able to do that. I am happy with the way it is for now.

I think you all know that it takes constant effort to keep pantries in shape. Since I am a low energy person, whenever I go grocery shopping, I am just lucky to get it all in the house. It might take me another day to get around to putting it all away, and sometimes don't have the time to do it right, so it just gets put in anywhere I can find a space. I do hope that I will do better at it now that the racks are in place. It is so much nicer when I want to cook and I can find what I need right away instead of having to move can after can before finding it.


  1. I think your hard work shows and the mow pantry looks great. You are very right that keeping it organized takes constant effort, every time you use things up or do any shopping.

  2. It looks great! I like those can storage racks and can see how they'd be very helpful in keeping track of your inventory.

  3. I love those storage racks. And I am impressed with the amount of stuff you got on the shelves and the space you freed up this time.


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