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Monday, September 16, 2013

This 'n' That - Latest Book Read

I recently finished reading this book that a friend loaned to me. If you love cats, this is one to read. I have not read Vicki Myron's first book -

but now that I read Dewey's Nine Lives, I really want to read the first story. Dewey and Vicki are from Spencer, Iowa, a town about 50 miles from here and a town I have been to many times. Vicki tells such good stories about Dewey and the other cats that people have loved and lost. Cats (and dogs) are awesome creatures that God has given us to share our lives. They have a variety of personalities, they love unconditionally, they can be aloof, and/or intuitive to our emotions and health.

They have an inner clock that tells them what time it is. My Felix would usually jump on my bed around 6 am to get me up so I could feed him. I often get up around 3 to go to the bathroom, so he would come in, wake me up and lead me to the bathroom, doing his cheek rubs on every corner along the way so that I wouldn't get lost (LOL), refusing to leave the room until I flushed, and then he went back to bed and so did I. Maybe he realizes that my night vision is not good compared to his?

Felix used to live with my daughter and family and when I would visit, I noticed that when it was almost time for my daughter to get home from work, he would situate himself so he could watch the door and wait for her!

When my Bible study group meets at 5:45 on Friday mornings, my alarm clock goes off at 5:00. Felix then knows that I have to get up and he makes sure that I do. Once I am dressed and ready I have some time to sit and watch the news and drink a cup of coffee until the gals arrive. Felix will sit where he can look out the window in the direction the gals will be coming from, and as soon as he sees the car lights he knows it is them, and often would go and greet them at the door. At least he did this when he was healthy. It has been very interesting to see him 'know' what is going to happen next.

Life would be so boring without our pets, don't you agree?

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