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Friday, July 21, 2017


Second cataract surgery was done June 15 and all went well. I now have 20/20 vision without glasses. Sometimes I can also read without glasses, but often need reading glasses, especially for smaller print. I can also work on computer without glasses. It seems strange since I started wearing glasses at age 10 and wore them every day, and for awhile I had contacts until my eyes got too dry. I still reach for glasses as soon as I get up in the morning!

The trick now, to keep those reading glasses handy in case I need them. I am NOT going to get one of those neck chains to hang the glasses around my neck! I often prop them on top of my head, but then forget they are there.

We are suffering with a very hot and very humid week so the AC is getting a workout. When the dew point gets into the 70's it is miserable so you won't find me outside unless absolutely necessary.

My sleep pattern is still very erratic and sleeping one to three hours at a time with long awake periods day and night. Sigh. And I still don't have much energy plus have lack of focus so not much is getting done around here. I do hope that changes soon now that all surgeries are over and I don't have so many medical appointments, because I have a long list of To-Do's.

I do have lots of ideas for blog posts so I need to sit here and work on them. So plan on seeing more to come!


  1. So glad that surgery went well, and I think it is great that your vision has improved so much!
    You have been in my thoughts, and I am glad that you posted an update.
    Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Hey!! congrats! on your 20/20 vision. I had LASIK eye surgery a few years ago, after wearing glasses and contacts since I was a teenager. Isn't it amazing to be able to see??? I use reading glasses at times too and YES, I bought the chain...lol. I use it in my sewing room; not in public!

    1. I can see where that chain would be very handy in the sewing room.

  3. Hi Lorita, thanks for coming by my blog last week and leaving such a nice comment! I'm glad to hear your cataract surgery went well. Now that your appointments are over, perhaps you'll be more comfortable and will be able to sleep. Thanks for the idea of painting my window trim white. We did think of that, but there are too many to do. It's not just the living room - it's all the windows in the entire house. We already have so many other projects to work on that are far more important than this - we'd never get to it. You also asked if my new toaster oven is also convection. Yes, it is!

    1. I am still not sleeping all through the night but can live with it. I often get more done in the middle of the night than I do during the day. Lucky you for having the convection toaster oven! I just might get one once my old microwave dies. My new home has a built in microwave above the stove but kept my old one and use it more often than the new one because I sit most of the time when I cook. And those windows? Maybe just paint the ones you look at the most until you are able to get the trim replaced, but I know what you mean about other things being more important.


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