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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


I don't have exact dollar amounts as the person who gave me the information was not sure of the amounts, and with my short memory, I don't know if I remember what she told me. (sigh)

This afghan brought approximately $745.

This poncho brought $40. I wasn't sure this would be popular. When I started making it over a year ago ponchos  were popular, but don't know if that is still the trend here. So I am satisfied with the $40.

The baby afghan went for $25. It seems people aren't as interested in these, but maybe there aren't that many babies expected right now. I do think that baby afghans sell better as special orders by people who have an expectant mother among their family or friends. So I don't think I will plan on making them for the church auction in the future.

One thing that did sell really well is the knitted dishcloths. I don't have a picture of those. The set of 11 sold for $65. The odd number is because that is how many I got out of a large cone of yarn.

The attendance to the auction was smaller than usual, probably because of the extreme cold and snow as there was no school the next day because of that. There was also a school function at the same time and drew some parents away from the sale. I was also told that things did not go as high as previous years for some reason.

The hunt is on now for the afghan pattern for next year.