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Thursday, January 31, 2019


We are in the deep freeze right now. And I mean 'deep' and frozen. Actual temps are below zero and wind chill around -30 to -60 degrees. The actual low temp during the night was -20.

All schools cancelled for today and all other activities also cancelled or postponed, even though there is no snow, roads and visibility are clear. No one wants to be outside today. South Dakota and Iowa even cancelled mail delivery today so that the mailmen won't have to freeze.

There have been several snow storms in the area but they have all missed us for the most part. Last Friday it was predicted that we would be in the middle of a big storm, meaning we were surely going to get up to 8" snow after getting freezing rain and high winds, which is a triple whammy. We had 100% chance of getting this, so all the schools cancelled ahead of time. And the storm was a no show! It all stayed north of us, and south of us. Weather is always interesting around here. And it seems like the latest prediction programs miss the mark a lot more than they did before all this technology.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


  As the saying goes, "Long time, no see." I know I have been MIA for a long time. I promised some friends that I would post pictures of my latest finished projects. Below are pictures of a very soft chenille baby blanket that I made for my new great grandson last fall. He was born in early January 2019 and so adorable!

 I had a hard time showing just how nice it is. I made up my own pattern, a very simple single crochet, chain one, single crochet throughout the whole thing. This yarn is bulky and I just wanted something warm and cuddly for the baby to enjoy feeling the softness.

The next one is a two-tone green heart stripes afghan. It looks like strips but is made as one piece so there was no sewing together and that is what I like! When I am finished crocheting I want it done! This is a large afghan and really warm. If I didn't already have many afghans I would make this one for myself.

The hearts are made with raised cluster stitches. These pictures also do not do it justice and for some reason wasn't able to edit them. They also don't show the colors very well but you get the idea.

 This afghan has gone to the church for the annual auction coming up February 6.

Below is a poncho. This was really hard to get good pictures without a model wearing it. The long points are center front and back. The sides are shorter and slightly shaped to fit elbows, which is really unusual and I had not seen that before. It is an easy pattern and sort of lacy, which does not show well here.

Below shows a close-up of the neckline. The yarn is a brown/white twist.

I need to spend some time with the camera program. It is coming up so different than I am used to and is frustrating.

I will try to let you know what they sell for at the auction, providing I get that information since I won't be there to see them sold.