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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Here we are, already starting the second half of July! Summer will be over far too soon for the kids who will have to go back to school in August.

I thought I would get back here far sooner, but being so busy I was either working, napping or unable to put two words together and make a sentence.

We had our family reunion last Saturday and it seemed to go over quite well. I think we had about 20 people there. I do wish more had come, but then I think it would have been harder to visit with everyone. The potluck dinner was very good. I am hoping everyone will send us the recipes of the things they brought so we can put them in a family cookbook that we will put together and share with family. I did get the recipe for the awesome banana cake, and will share it later. (sorry, you will have to wait)

A bridal shower has come and gone for my granddaughter. She got many very nice gifts, plus will not run out of toilet paper and paper towels any time soon! Next is the wedding in about 6 weeks. I still don't have anything to wear, and have to get the wedding gift so that is what I will be working on for now.

The California sister-in-law and the Colorado niece have been here and gone again. It was really nice seeing them both again as it has been a few years. All this extra activity has really made me tired, so have only gotten things done that were most important, and unfortunately, blogging was not at the top of the list.

I may not post again until after the wedding. I have been saving up bits and pieces to write about, and am sure I will collect several memories as well, so please check back.