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Friday, September 27, 2013

Faith Friday - Finding our Light



"O house of Jacob, come, let us walk in the light of the LORD." (Isaiah 2:5)

The author of this devotion is again using the example of a theater production. Last time he talked about actors being led by the spotlight. A good spotlight operator moves the spotlight slightly ahead of the performer to lead them to their next location, and it is up to the performer to stay in their spotlight so that it all looks smooth. In this devotion he talks about finding your light.
~ ~ ~ ~ 

"Find your light!" the show's director calls out, obviously tired. The first technical rehearsal in which actors and lights come together is always brutal. As carefully as the lighting designer has studied the actors' movements, there is always a variation between where the light is focused and where the actor is standing. Generally the light wins, unless it's significantly off-target, and the actor is asked to find their light. At the end of the day, it doesn't much matter how brilliantly a line is delivered if the actor is unintentionally speaking from the shadows. Standing outside of their light, actors simply aren't a part of the production as a unified artistic vision.  

Isaiah 2 outlines a beautiful vision of the latter days in which all the nations of the world come together in peace to worship God. In this vision, God serves as judge and arbitrator to all, and all gather in his house to learn the ways of his law. Weapons are transformed into tools as people look to God, instead of war, to settle their differences. 

Like a great director, Isaiah calls out to Israel in verse 6, "Find your light!" His voice echoes into our generation, urging us to live into this vision of a world focused on worshiping God in spirit and truth. As the church, we are also beckoned to "find our light" living out Isaiah's vision in these last days. 

-- Rob Matthews.

~ ~ ~ ~

Have you found your light? Are you staying in your light by letting it lead you to your next location? Do you know the source of your light?
We previously looked at the verse, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." So, the source of our light is God and His Word. And, Jesus is the light of the world. Therefore we need to stay in the Word and allow it to lead our way in life. Using the theater analogy, God's Word leads us to our next location, and we are to stand in His Word and not  work in the shadows where we are ineffective.

Prayer: Almighty God, help us to find our light by walking in the light of your Word.

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