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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Down Memory Lane - Old Photo Album/ My Dad

Oldest photo album I have

I remember looking at this album as a child. The pictures were put in there by a Myrtle V.C. of Ocheyedan, IA, which is where I and my parents grew up. I do not know who she is, but I think I remember an aunt saying she was my dad's old girlfriend. I don't know why we had it, but as I look through it now, I see pictures of several of Dad's brothers and sisters when they were kids and young adults, as well as my dad. Some of the pictures are dated from 1922 - 26, but I think some of them have to be older than that. It seems this Myrtle went to the same country school as my dad and siblings went to.

I have scanned several pictures that have my relatives in them and will post them in groups. The first group is of my dad, and my dad and his girlfriend Myrtle, the one that put these pictures in the album.

Quite handsome I would say! He reminds me a little of my cousin Gene. I think Dad was the tallest one in his family, even at 5'11". If this was taken around 1924-25, then Dad is about 18 or 19 years old. He married Mom in Feb. 1932. I wonder what happened in those years in between.

Dad and his automobile. I believe it is a Model T Ford Coupe. The Model A didn't come out until later.

Dad and Myrtle, as far as I can tell. The picture is not labeled.

Dad and Myrtle at Silver Lake (Iowa). She even wore the appropriate sailor top. It has been fun to look at all the clothing and hair styles of the early to mid 1920's!

Is it just me, or does Dad resemble Sean Penn in this picture?! He has quite the attitude here. As I look at this picture again, I see where I get my big hands from!

Myrtle wrote "SWEET HEARTS" under this picture.

It looks like Dad has a hat on here. And he always loved dogs. I have no idea who the other girl is in this picture. I wish she had labeled all the pictures in the album, but thankful for some that are labeled or I would not have know they were my relatives.


  1. What great pictures. Did you ever learn what became of Myrtle? It is neat that someone kept that album all these years. I know I would not have kept an album of my husband and his former girlfriend :)

  2. It has always amazed me that Mom kept that album too! The only reason I can imagine is that it has pictures of my dad when he was that young, plus many of his siblings and cousins. I do not know what became of Myrtle as I did not know anyone with that last name as I grew up. It would be interesting to do a search on her. I have no relatives still living who might know anything.


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