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Friday, August 30, 2013

Faith Friday - Creative Word



This devotion is based on this verse of Scripture.

And God said, "Let there be light." and there was light  (Genesis 1:3)

(I will not quote the devotions word for word, but will paraphrase and possibly add my own thoughts now and then.)

When we enter a dark room we feel for the light switch, and when we find it we flip it and instantly have light (unless you have slow starting CFL bulbs). We take it for granted that we will have light, don't w? And how upset do we get when the bulb is burned out or the power is out?

Have you ever thought about how much goes into getting that light to your house? At least four different manufacturing plants are involved, one to make wire, another for the switch, one more for the fixture, and a final one for the bulb. How many workers are involved at the power company, linemen, electricians and others? They all play a role in making it possible to turn on the light.

How much work was it for God to make light? Just one spoken command. "Let there be light." And the sun, moon, and all the stars were created. That is so much more awesome than all the people in manufacturing, power plants, and the linemen and electricians that it takes man to 'create' light.

God created enough light for an entire universe to run for billions of years. His spoken word empowered an entire electromagnetic spectrum that humanity is only beginning to comprehend, even after all the thousands of years that have already gone by. Think about this the next time you turn on a light!

Prayer: Illuminate my life with your creative word.

(original devotions written by Rob Matthews)

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