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Monday, August 7, 2017


This picture doesn't do this arrangement justice. It is something I put together many, many years ago, when I was working in the Ben Franklin store. The boss had a lady come in and show us how to do floral arrangements and this seemed to be her favorite style of arranging. I try to display this every summer. Oh. I just remembered that I always set a large conch shell next to it! I better see if I can find it in my totally cluttered spare closet. The shell has some of the same color as the flowers in the basket.

This is the way I have it displayed for now. When my husband was still living he had a square glass coffee table and I displayed those two things on top of a straw place mat on it. Now that I don't have that table and have moved, I need to find different ways to display my old favorites.

The picture on the wall is a numbered print of a painting done by a former pastor we had. He was a commercial artist before becoming a pastor and after several years went back to commercial art and this is a print of one of his works. I really liked it because it depicts an old farmplace that resembles the home I grew up in. There are a few milk cows and 2 horses in the pasture, just like we did. There is an old John Deere tractor just like Dad's, and what I learned how to drive with. And there is an oat field, complete with straw bundles set up in shocks, which I often helped with. I think I could still set up a shock.

This console was also my husband's. He had it in the basement and it was black with black/white marbled contact paper on top and on the front of the drawers. It looked pretty sad. I do hate the electric cords being so visible. Why didn't they make things with white cords? The clock is very old and was my parent's. The cord on that is so very long for some reason. I will have to work at trying to hide them better one of these days. Any suggestions?


  1. Such sweet memories in all your pieces. You could velcro a gathered piece of fabric to the back of the console, to make a curtain to cover the cords. You could do the same color as the console or the same color as the wall.

  2. You are a genius! I don't even have to look for something to use other than to find where I put it. Before I moved I had made a curtain for the front of the console to hid what I stored under it because I didn't like to look at the clutter, and used a small tension curtain rod behind the triangle pieces in the corner. Duh!I think I have a picture on the blog too. It is a print but the background is about the same color as the wall.

  3. Lorita - I love your flower arrangement. I was thinking that you could get some black zip ties and zip tie the cords to the table leg in the back. I love the clock.


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