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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I just discovered that I have a butterfly bush right outside my window! I don't have a tree by a window like I did at the other house so have not been able to watch the birds and I miss that.

The flowers have just started to open and the butterflies, honeybees and a bumblebee or two showed up.
I am not too happy to have the bees right next to the front door, but it is nice that I can sit in my chair and watch them come and go. I have seen up to 8 of the orange and black butterflies at one time. There are a couple of much smaller yellow butterflies, too. The bees are constantly coming and going, so far only one or two of each at a time.

The quality of the pictures isn't so great since I took them from inside the house, through the fine mesh screen and I haven't installed the photo editing software on this laptop. I found out I can download the pictures directly from the camera to the computer without the software, but have not found a way to edit without the software as yet. I thought if I opened the door to take a picture the butterflies would leave.

I have not taken the time to find out what kind of plant this is. Do you know?

The complex owners had 3 flowering perennial plants in front of each unit, each one different. When they had to reseed the lawn after having rain wash it out a few times last summer, a lot of the grass seed ended up in the flower bed, so they had to spray weed/grass killer in the area in early summer this year. I think one of the plants got a little of the spray, or had some winter kill as it has not done very well this summer. I see the flowers at the other units are fine. I hope they replace it if it does not do well next spring. Plus they have not removed the dead grass so it doesn't look very nice out there, but at least the flowers are  blooming and making it look a little better.


  1. Can you put up a bird feeder? We don't have trees close to the house, so we hung a bird feeder on a shepherd's hook to make our kitty (and us!) happy with birds to watch.

  2. What wonderful pictures and this looks like a sedum we call Autumn glow.

  3. What a beautiful butterfly show you are getting there! I agree with Jo, get you a bird feeder and you will have a wonderful view from inside your home. It's the simple things that make me smile!

  4. Yes, I have been thinking about a bird feeder. I would rather have it by the patio but the only window looking out to the patio is in the bedroom and I would have to sit on the head end of the bed to watch any birds. I don't like the mess the birds make when they scatter the seeds all around under the feeder. Any suggestions for that? I do have a shepherd's hook but think it is a bit too short. I will have to get it out this fall and try it out. Thanks for the comments ladies!


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