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Monday, August 26, 2013

This 'n' That - Decluttering



That is going really slow right now, but still working at it when I run across something I know I can live without. Right now I have been working on magazines and Penzey's catalogs. I went through about a year's worth of the Penzey's catalogs and ripped out the few recipes I want to try. Penzey's is a wonderful spice company if you haven't heard of it. Go to their website and order a print catalog to
get recipes. Maybe they have some of the recipes online as well. I have not been there for awhile. Since I don't do a lot of cooking (just collect recipes. LOL) I don't use the spices up very fast. They have some wonderful blends to try, with recipes using some of those spice blends. I have found that leaving the recipes in the catalogs is not going to get them made - out of sight, out of mind. Now I need to sit down and put some of those recipes in a menu before I get groceries again. Then I will have what I need on hand and gives me the incentive to make them. The catalogs also usually have a good coupon on the cover that can be used in their stores or online.

I also have tossed a few other magazines that I have read, so my pile is getting smaller. I am now caught up on all the Better Homes and Gardens past issues, as well as Good Housekeeping. I only have the latest issue of GH to read. The rest in the pile mostly a year's worth of AARP magazines and their 'newspapers'. There are some valuable info in them but I just never got around to reading them as they arrived. I am no longer a member so those have stopped coming and can't say I am sorry. There are also over a year's worth of Consumer Digest magazines but I do intend to keep at least some of those for future reference. I would use their website but that requires paying for it, and I don't want to do that. Initially, I got the magazine subscription at a really cheap price or I wouldn't have it at all. I think in the future I might read them at the public library and save that money.

No picture of the ones I have recycled. And wish I had made a count of them, but I forgot to do that. I am guessing around 18-20 that are gone! Yaaaaay!

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  1. Lorita - I ordered my catalog and can't wait to get it and start reading! Good for you in clearing out magazines!


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