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Friday, August 23, 2013

Faith Friday - Light and Darkness



As I was looking through a Words of Hope devotional I noticed a theme and found it interesting. There were several devotions about light and then noticed there were also some about darkness and the comparing of the two. Here is a list of titles. Not all of the titles have the words 'light' or 'darkness' but they do refer to them. I knew there were were many references to light in God's Word but had never seen them brought together like this.

Creative Word
Blinded by the Light
Led by the Light
Finding Our Light
Light of Discovery
Walking in the Light
Who's Afraid of the Dark?
All Things New
Darkness Isn't a Problem for God
When God Keeps Us in the Dark
A Citizen of the Kingdom of Light
Preparation in the Dark
An Audacious Claim
Everything is Exposed
What Are You Looking At?
Sometimes We Must Sit in the Dark
The Flashlight

I intend to do a series on these and explain what the titles mean in future blogs. There may be other subjects included here and there as I find something new and different, or as the Spirit moves me. Does this peak your interest?

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