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Friday, June 28, 2013

Faith Friday


I just saw the movie "The Book of Eli" on TV.
I know, it is has been around awhile, but I don't go to the theaters.

I don't even watch many movies on TV anymore. I don't care for all the violence, focus on lots of blood and guts, and foul language. Unfortunately, this movie has plenty of all three and why it is rated R. I decided to watch it as I love Denzel Washington, and he is just too handsome!

It took awhile to discover the real theme of the story, and that theme is a gem. I didn't know anything about the movie so was very surprised. It really promotes the value of the Bible and perseverance. Today we take it for granted because there is no shortage of Bibles. For many it is just another old book. Even people who call themselves Christian often don't put enough value on the book.

This movie is a good example of how God chooses certain people to carry out His plan. And then He protects those people, at least until they finish the job He sets before them. And God's word - the Bible - will always last to bring His word and His promises to the next generation, and the next. The movie also shows how God equips His chosen people so that they can carry out His plan to the end. It shows the value of perseverance, and the value of constantly reading the Bible. For in the end, after Eli gives up the Bible to the enemy, he continues to march on to the west until he gets there. And then he recites the Bible word for word through all 66 books while another man writes them down so that he can print more Bibles.

A Christian revue of the movie mentions the violence and language and that it is a shame whole families can't see the movie, and yet, when you think about it, after such desolation of the world, and with Satan in control, there will be violence just to survive, and the language is already bad in this country so it would be a pretty true picture of what we might find at that time. It will truly be hell on earth.

So, if you haven't seen the movie, go out and rent a copy. Watch it first and then decide if you want your kids to see it. I do think you may be blessed in certain ways. I know I was.

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  1. Lorita - I agree with you on this movie. There are lots of things to glean from this movie and parallels our own society. With the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA, I feel we are sinking more and more into muck and mire.


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