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Monday, June 10, 2013

This & That


There is a lot of this and that in this picture, don't you think? That is what Mondays on this blog will be about. Or at least I hope so. We will see how this goes.

You see, I have totally been disorganized with my posts so far. And my mind has not been very fruitful as to what to write, so my posts have been sporadic. I have been looking at some other blogs and many have a main theme, or each day has a theme. I have also gotten some ideas for what kinds of pictures to take. So the other day I sat down and wrote some daily themes. And when I think of something to write about I will write the post and then schedule it for publication in advance. I think that way I won't feel as pressured to get something posted. Here is the list:

Monday - This & That ( whatever doesn't fit in the other categories)
Tuesday - 'Tis Home, Sweet Home ( house, decorating, gardening)
Wednesday - What's Cooking (recipes, etc)
Thursday - Down Memory Lane
Friday - Faith Friday

I don't have a day for sewing, crafting and other projects, so unless I add Saturdays, they may be included either in This & That or 'Tis Home,Sweet Home. I think I would like to take weekends off, but we will see. This isn't written in stone yet, so there may be some tweaking or changing as time goes on. This is still a work in progress.

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