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Monday, June 24, 2013

This 'n' That - Year Long Project

Here is what I work on all year long, and have done so for more than a decade.
This is the result for this year so far, actually since last November since that is when I took the ones made last year down to the Sioux City Goodwill Industries office for their Christmas Shoe Party.That is when they give each child a new pair of shoes, socks, winter cap and mittens.
I was getting tired of having the heaped high wash basket full of caps that was taking up a lot of space in my bedroom closet and in my way. So yesterday I counted them and had 119 caps plus one scarf. I had used up almost all the yarn so was done for now, but when I took the caps out of the many grocery sacks they were stored in, I found one more ball of dark green.
So this is what yarn I have left. There is enough to make one more cap, so started knitting, and finished that last night. So then I had a smaller green ball, about the size of the larger white ones, plus the two larger white ones. And I started knitting on those today, but there will not be quite enough to finish the cap, so it will go in the large tin and wait until I am given more yarn. I now have 120 caps to take to Goodwill the next time I go to Sioux City.
This is a frugal project as I use up even the small balls of leftover yarn. I have a few people in town who will bring me their leftovers, and some will occasionally donate some new yarn. I used up my own stash of leftovers years ago so I depend on the donations of others. Sometimes I find a good clearance sale and will buy what is there. And if I or a friend find some at garaage sales at a cheap price, we will get those. Too often people are asking too much for what is left and I will pass those up and spend that money on new yarn. So this is not only a frugal project, but I guess you can consider it 'green' as well, since nothing but the tails get put in the landfill. I think some people even save the tails and put them out in the spring for the birds to make nests. I might try that next spring and see if the birds take them. I know they, as well as the squirrels,  love to tear apart my cocoa fiber planter liners and take away as many as they can carry.

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  1. I can see that you've been busy. Obviously you don't have any arthritis in your hands. What a great way to use up odd balls of wool and a wonderful thing to do to help others. Sue


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