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Friday, May 16, 2014



I have been neglecting Faith Friday for quite awhile. Genealogy got in the way, folks. But I have been collecting notes along the way. I just didn't find the time to formulate my thoughts enough, nor find the time to write.

I have been blessed by a few sermons I heard by tv preachers in the last few weeks. I recently discovered James Merrit on Touching Lives. He started a new series on marriage entitled "The Knot" Here are a few of the notes I made, though there is much more valuable advice than what I got written down. I finally went to the website and found videos of the shows, so you can go here if you want to hear more. The first of the series starts with "Bound" on April 27, 1914. This is the one I talk about today. You can see Touching Lives on TBN Sunday mornings at 7:30am CT.

The secret to making a marriage last is to tie a knot that will never come untied. Marriage is God's IDEAL idea.

We take an IDEAL
and make it into an ORDEAL
and then want a NEW DEAL.

Isn't that the truth?

Today's culture goes this way:


When we get married we call it 'tying the knot.' We need to bind our marriage with the sailor's knot. This knot is used to hold the boat to the dock or pier, and it will hold through the strongest storms. The more storms and water that the knot goes through, the tighter it gets.

That is what marriage needs when things get tough, when life gets hard and there are many problems to deal with. That is when the knot should get tighter to hold it all together. If the wrong knot has been tied, it won't hold, and the marriage falls apart.

I could write my own thoughts as a sermon, but I will stop here. I think there is enough food for thought here that needs to be digested. It seems too many marriages are tied with a slip knot. Do you need to take the time to retie your knot and make it a sailor's knot?

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