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Friday, May 30, 2014


May 17 seems like a long time ago right now. I had written about that time that I was preparing for my kids to come visit, and had some things I wanted them to do for me. On the 17th, a Saturday, I spent several hours making potato salad, cole slaw, thawing chicken breasts and boneless thighs, and mixing up a pot of baked beans to put in the crock pot on Sunday. Then I baked a Marie Callendar pumpkin pie that I had bought on a good sale earlier. Thank goodness for my rolling stool or I would not have been able to do it. I was even able to get all the dishes washed the same day, and that is usually impossible for me to have enough energy left to get done. As it turned out, it was a VERY good thing those dishes were washed.

Because. . . . I woke up Sunday morning with wet carpet in front of my bedroom closet! The water heater, in the closet, had sprung a leak. Always on Sundays, right?? The landlord and the plumber had both already left for church but I called both and left messages. It is good that the water was not gushing out like happened on a heater in another house years ago. No, just sort of a slow leak, but getting worse.

So that meant I had no hot water, and no water at all except for the kitchen sink, while my kids were here. We had to fill a pail with water in order to flush the toilet while they were here. And it meant that first of all, I had to pull everything out of the closet that was on the floor, thankfully all in plastic, and move the hanging clothes all to the other end so the landlord could get in there to work. So he was in and out all afternoon and evening while my kids were here. Can you tell that having that water heat leak at some time was on my mind? Otherwise I probably would not have had everything in plastic but cardboard instead, or loose on the floor.

The landlord had to drive 60 miles to find a place open that sells water heaters, then took time to try and find one that would fit so he wouldn't have to change the plumbing, and then drive the 60 miles back. Our little towns in the area don't have many places open on Sundays, especially any businesses that involve house fixing or remodeling.

When he got the new heater in the closet he found that it did not fit and would have to change the plumbing after all, so he could not hook it up that night. The next morning he got the supplies he needed and I finally had hot water after 10:30 am Monday.

That still left me with soggy carpet in spite of him using his shop vac and my son getting out my carpet shampooer and sucking water up with that. It was still very wet. I finally had to get my old table fan out from the garage that had about 8 years of dust and cobwebs on it. So first, I had to give that a good cleaning, and then set it on the floor aiming it into the closet and set on oscillating. Had to run it for about 3 days before I finally felt that it was dry enough.

I am still slowly sorting through things and putting them back in the closet. Am putting the hanging clothes in order with all the sweat shirts on one end, and the summer tops in the middle where they are the handiest for me to reach. I still have a little more to do with that also. I feel like I am working at a turtle's pace, and I am. But it will get done, hopefully by the end of this week.

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