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Friday, May 9, 2014


Recently I wrote about the neighbor having some trees cut down, which looked like this ~

Things have been busy over there the last couple of days, and this morning it looks like this ~

It may be a little hard to tell since you aren't familiar with the house and yard, but 6 loads of black dirt was hauled in yesterday. I wish I had taken pictures of that. There were long rows of piled dirt from the front sidewalk to beyond the back end of house, plus along the driveway in front.

The neighbor attached 3 window wells - the brown patches on the black foundation. You can see those windows in the earlier picture. The previous owner had leveled the front lawn, and then there was a big dip down at the corner in the left side of the picture which is hard to see here. It was impossible to mow and ended up being weeds more than grass. Now that is all filled in and the side yard is raised to about level with the tops of those windows. He still has two piles of dirt to take care of.

My yard is the green grass and goes as far as the dirt. Actually some of that dirt is on my yard. If I owned it I would say something about it. I am sure the neighbor will take care of it by the time he is done, but the lawn boy had a bit of a problem mowing yesterday.

You can see my huge maple tree in the bottom picture, but you can't see how far out the branches extend - over my house and my garage, and over the neighbor's yard. The tree he took down was the same kind, but not as many trunks. Mine actually looks like it was 4 trees that grew too close together.

And right now it is raining. Thank goodness it is a very light rain or that dirt could be washing out and down to the back yard. The birds are sure enjoying looking for bugs and worms in that fresh dirt. I have even seen a couple of birds that I have not seen before, nor identified, as they were here and gone so quickly.

That was my 'entertainment' yesterday.


  1. Was you neighbor having problems with those trees?

    1. The evergreen looked healthy, but maybe he didn't like all those prickly needles in the lawn. I know I hated those when we had a tree like that. You just can't walk on the lawn barefoot at all. And they have a 3 year old boy. The big maple was old and every time the wind blew there would be a few small dead branches fall to the ground that had to be picked up before mowing. I have a hunch he is going to put a deck on where the patio door is, and that tree would cause lots of problems.

  2. Seeing a tree being cut is heartbreaking, especially if it had served a good purpose in one’s yard. But if it is becoming more of a problem, removing it is the best option. I just hope your maple tree will not end up like your neighbor’s tree, because it looks amazing. Though an annual pruning may not be a bad idea.

    Mike Gurung @ Bay Area Tree Specialists


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