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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This poor tattered scrapbook is one my mother did in 1941. It is actually a diary with pictures and mementos of the trip my parents took to Washington and California to visit relatives. They made quite a tour of it as they came back to Iowa via New Mexico and toured the Carlsbad Caverns. They were gone from December 3, 1940 through January 16, 1941. I am sure it must have been the first big trip either one had ever taken. As a kid I was always a bit miffed that they didn't wait until I was born and old enough to be aware of the sights to take such a trip!

This is the first page. You can see how badly it has deteriorated over the years. The car in the picture is the one they drove on this trip - a 1936 Chevy coupe. She wrote that they drove a total of 6,243 miles on this trip. Can you imagine? It is probably a good thing they went in the winter, as the desert would have been unbearable without air conditioning in the hot summer!

Mom kept record of a lot of details which makes it very interesting reading. I just wish she had written in ink and not pencil as some of that has faded out as well. And you can see that some of the pictures have fallen out over the years too.

These are pictures of my dad's cousin and family in Washington. That was their first place to visit.

As a kid, this was my favorite page! This old postcard would meow when you pressed the red dot under the cat's chin. That no longer works. I guess either I or my kids wore it out. Look at those bright green eyes!

I guess one of these days I should transcribe what Mom wrote so the story can be preserved. Add that to my long list of 'to-do' items. Oh, why didn't I think to do this years ago??

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