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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A proper lady. . . wore hats.
It seems my grandmother thought so. The two portraits I have of her in later years have her wearing a hat.

I like this fedora looking hat.

She looks quite a bit older in this picture, and the hat is highly decorated.
After working on family history I have learned a little more about her. She had to have been a very strong and determined woman.
She gave birth to 7 children, and the 5th weighed 11 pounds at birth! That is according to a newspaper announcement. Unfortunately that baby died about a month later. He seems to be the only one that was born in a hospital. All the rest were born at home. Women had to be tough in those days. Her babies were born between the years of 1908-1923.

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  1. She looks like she would have been a tough woman. My great grandmother(around the same age as your grandmother) gave birth to 21 children. And they were dirt poor. I cannot imagine the personal sacrifice it took to raise that many children in poverty.


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