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Saturday, May 31, 2014


I just told you about the water heater problems. While I was trying to get that carpet dried enough to put things back, I was also preparing to have my Friday morning Bible study here.

I was up at 5 Friday morning and had everything ready, had my mug of coffee, and waited for the gals to come. A car finally arrived, but only one gal came in. It seems the other gal forgot about meeting that day! So we had a short chat and she went back home, and later I went back to bed for a little while.

I couldn't be in bed too long as I had an appointment at 11 at the eye doctor for a glaucoma pressure check after using some eye drops for a month. Everything was good with that. Then I headed for Walmart to pick up a few things like milk and cereal that I was out of. I didn't get many things but it still added up to $45. I can remember when I could get a whole cart full for only $12. Those days are long gone!

Then I needed another long nap because I had a big day coming up on Saturday. I was going to drive back to the town I lived in for 10 years and where my kids all graduated from high school. I was meeting two second cousins who were driving there from several miles east of there, and together we visited with my elderly cousin. I don't have very many cousins left, and I had not seen him for a long time. We had a wonderful time visiting and talking about the old days and what he could remember of growing up, and of our grandparents. And we looked at old pictures, those that he had, and the ones of relatives that we brought along. Time went far too quickly!

I also spent a little time in the cemetery there, and located my grandparent's grave stones. I remembered about where they were but had not been there for so many years that it took a bit of slowly driving around before I finally found them. With great difficulty walking over the rough ground, I managed to hobble over there and took a couple of pictures. I plan to enter them on findagrave.com soon, as I am surprised they were not already there. I was really glad to get back to the car again, and decided walking in cemeteries is no longer possible for me right now. Therefore I did not even get out to my husband's grave to put flowers this year. I think the next time my daughter comes I will have her do it for me, although she has a really bad knee right now too. She had injured it at work a few weeks ago and it still is not doing so well.

With all that activity I was totally worn out on Sunday, and I slept very late in the morning, and took a few long naps during the day. As my niece likes to say, "Getting old is not for wusses." My suggestion to you - take care of yourself when younger, eat right, exercise. If you are overweight now, get down to normal weight. If you don't you will regret abusing your body at a younger age. It may not have bothered you much then, but you will pay for it when you get older. Hear??

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