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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I guess I took this picture because of the kitty on the chair. But what I want you to see is the old console radio. It was a Philco. And the clock on top is an electric chime clock. I still have the clock, but the chimes don't work anymore. The room they are in is the dining room.

That radio was always on before we got television. I used to come home from school and lay on the floor in front of it, listing to Roy Rogers show, Gene Autry show, The Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly, Queen for a Day, and many more. Soap operas started on the radio before moving to television, and I always listened to those too. That is where I first got hooked on the soaps. As a teenager I listened to the Top 20 - the most popular songs for the week.

The door in the picture is the stairway to the bedrooms upstairs. Those were narrow steps as I remember. And unheated, of course. In the winter time you hurried to get to the bedroom where it was slightly warmer.

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  1. As an 8 year old, in 1983, my newly saved parents, decided they no longer wanted a television in our home. I have wonderful, peaceful memories of the radio being on in the background all the time. Nothing loud or forceful, just quiet, instrumental music. Though I was somewhat of an anomaly being tv-less in the television dominated '80's, I loved my childhood. My husband always questions why I like to listen to the instrumental music channel on satellite. I think it brings me back to my carefree childhood. I would gladly ditch the tv and just have a radio, but there would be mutiny :)


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