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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Watching Your Money

Check your store receipts!! It is really important this time of year especially, when stores are busy and you are busy trying to buy gifts and extra food for the holidays coming soon. Not only check to make sure you were charged the sale price and not regular price, but check everything. Something might get rung up more than once and the cashier didn't catch it to void it. And I have recently been reading of scams where the cashier will have it show on the receipt that you asked for extra cash when paying with a credit or debit card, but you didn't ask and you didn't get the extra cash. Instead the cashier pocketed it.

Last week I did a big shop at Walmart and thought the total was quite a bit higher than I expected. It was $274.18! I was a bit shocked when she told me, but since I usually have much more than $100 total, and have had amounts above $200-250 occasionally, I just thought things added up faster than I thought. I know prices keep going up little by little.

Luckily, I scan the barcodes of all my purchases for a survey company. I have to report the price marked on each item and if it was on sale, used a coupon and what its face value was, etc. So when I got to the day-old muffins that were reduced to $2.02, and saw that I was charged $87.07, I was both very irritated and very relieved. I was relieved that I had not spent that much money and would be getting a refund. But I was very irritated that it happened at all, and that I had to make the trip back to set it straight. It is 11 miles one way to the store from my house. Not a great distance, but all total, about 1 hour of my time and the gas at these expensive prices.

This happens quite often in this store with the day-old bakery markdowns. They just don't scan right. Most of the checkers are aware of this and double check to make sure the right price came up, or they key in the numbers, or scan with the hand scanner. Evidently this gal did not do that, and I was busy unloading my electric cart and not in position to see the screen for the price as she scanned. Anyway, this should have been caught at the register.

I asked for a full refund since I had to make the trip back to the store, and that was only the $2.02 that the muffins were marked, which I thought was reasonable, right? Customer service said they had to get the manager's approval and asked if I wanted to wait. I most certainly did. A floor manager happened to come up and he approved it immediately, no questions asked, and was very nice about it. So I got the $87.07 credited back to my account and I left.

To make this story even longer (LOL), when I paid for those items I put them in the car and went back in the store because I forgot to buy the cat food Felix loves and had been out of for 2 days already. He would not be happy if I didn't bring it home. I had also looked at microwaves earlier as my old one had stopped working, but thought I would wait until another trip. But since I was in the store again for cat food, I just went down the appliance aisle and made my choice and went to the fast lane with my 3 items. As I was ready to go out the door the greeter stopped me and asked for my receipt. By this time I really needed to sit down. I said something about having to ask because of the cat food under the microwave and he said no. They are now stopping everyone that is carrying something out that isn't in a bag. That is certainly a good idea this time of year and I had no problem with that. None of my things could fit in a bag anyway.

While I was stopped there as he checked, a felt a cart roll into my back. Not hard, just rolled up to me. I turned and it was empty and nobody there. But a guy walked around me carrying a large storage tote. So the greeter yelled at him to wait. Apparently the guy didn't appreciate that I stopped in front of him, so purposely rolled the cart to me and walked around. Why didn't he go around me with the cart and leave the cart out in the area where the carts are kept like other people do?? So I can only assume he was not a happy camper.

Anyway, the store is being vigilant in trying to stop shoplifting, but they can rob you at the checkout. Be on the alert!

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  1. Those muffins must have been made of gold, Lorita. haha! I think I would have had something to say about the cart .... and very loudly too. Take care girl. Sue


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