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Sunday, December 28, 2014



December 24, 2014

This is the day Felix crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
A sad day, indeed.

He was very sociable
He was very affectionate
He loved to be on my shoulder and then hug my neck
He greeted me every morning, about the only time he would talk
He thought his purpose in life was to take care of me, which he did
He made sure I found the bathroom during the night as he would lead me there, and rub every corner on the way, then would not move until I flushed

He lived with me for 10 of his 15 years
About two years ago he started losing weight, drinking a lot of water, and peeing a lot
We are sure he developed diabetes as he soon began to walk like a cat having diabetic neuropathy
But he did quite well up until the last month

Felix, you are greatly missed!

Look at those long legs! He was a long cat - long body, long tail and long legs. He could stand on his back legs and able to look over the top of the dining room table.

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  1. I'm very sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty. Love the picture of him on the couch :-) Thank you for sharing some pictures.


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