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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have some couples that see to it my lawn gets mowed in the summer, and takes my garbage containers to the street and back each week. I appreciate that so very much, and wanted to show my appreciation in some way at Christmas time. I did not write about this earlier as I didn't want to reveal anything until after they had been given.

This is the bag and what was in it.

 Cracker toffee in the front.
The tall, thin object, back right, is Christmas scent reed diffuser.

 A spa cloth with body butter.
(thanks for this idea, Susan!)
 Gingerbread cake mix in a jar.
Label is a free printable found on Pinterest.
Homemade light whole wheat French bread. 
I apologize for the poor pictures.

Recipes will be shared in future posts.

Maybe this will give you an idea for future gifts, and they don't have to be for Christmas, but any time and any reason.

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  1. This is a lovely gift basket. I know the recipients enjoyed it all!


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