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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Auction Results

Now that I have had a little time to recover from a busy week, I will post what my projects sold for at the church auction earlier this week.

The scarf was auctioned off first. It made $20. The hairy caps went for $20 or $30. I can't remember exactly as things moved along quite fast and I couldn't always hear the final bid. I do know it was at least $20 each.

This afghan went for $90, and one of my two Bible study students got it. She said she had her eye on it every since I showed them the first strip I finished. Her young daughter also fell in love with the blue/green cap so she got it, and wore it the rest of the evening.

Afghans did not sell as well this year. I think maybe the church members all have as many as they want. So I am now searching for something different to take next year. I have afghans make $700 and over $1,000 other years and it is pretty hard to top that. When the auctioneer announces it was made by me, they seem to get better bids, and this year nothing was said. Do you suppose that might have been part of the reason it didn't sell as well? Probably not, but I would like to think so. ;o) I think I have become known as the afghan lady at church.


  1. Hi Lorita, I think that afghan throw is beautiful. Lovely soft colours. Hugs Sue

  2. Your work is very pretty. I wonder if the recession might have brought a lower price.


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