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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arts & Amusement

Here is a needlework project that is my pride and joy.

This is a counted cross-stitch project I did several years ago, and probably my best work of this type. So I thought it needed to be professionally framed. I couldn't get a good picture without the flash glare so try to ignore it. My lovely Boston fern is in the foreground - the one I almost killed off a couple winters ago. It is flourishing now, thank goodness. Last summer I hung it outside where it really took off, and I managed to keep it going this winter by putting it in a different spot in the house, and taking it to the bathtub and giving it a good shower and soaking quite often. 

 Here is one close-up that shows the details better, and the one below is just a little closer but the flash glare covers up a bit more of the stitching. I tried taking without the flash but the picture came out fuzzy, even though the light was good.

I have given away many of my projects as gifts but this one I am keeping! I hope my kids will keep this as a family heirloom. I should take pictures of the other ones I have and post those later.

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