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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden - Day 27

 We continue to grow! Look how tall the romaine is getting. The tallest one is one of the first three that I started. The next two taller ones are from the last 3 started, as is the shorter one in front of them. The celery is looking bright and green as well. The butt that was used to start it is slowly rotting away from the outside. I am wondering if I should put it in dirt now, or just leave in the water?

 A close-up of the impatiens doing well. There are more plants starting to emerge finally. The moss roses remain very fine and hard to see but they are growing and more and more coming up there as well.

This picture shows how tall the tomatoes and lettuce are getting. Looking pretty good, I think. I am hoping to get my outdoor pots and tub filled with dirt this week as the days and nights are warming up again.

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