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Friday, March 30, 2012


Is the word disclaimer the right word I want to use? Here is the definition of 'disclaim' --

1. to give up any claim to or connection with; disown.
2. to refuse to acknowledge; repudiate.

I am not sure that definition fits as I do not want to disown my words and I don't refuse to acknowledge them. What I want to say is this:

The words I write here are my experiences and opinions. I pray that I do not say something that might hurt anyone or their feelings as that is never my intention at any time. I have beem known to put my size 11 foot in my mouth a time or two, and believe me that is most uncomfortable in many ways! With my bad knees and rolls of fat, it is quite painful to get that foot up to my mouth, much less in it. You try putting a size 11 foot in a smaller than average mouth (or so my dentist tells me). But being serious for a moment, I don't intend to hurt anyone with my words, but sometimes they come out different, or are heard different, than the way I meant them, or the person hearing them may have a tender spot in that area and the words hurt. If I ever do that here, please do not take them personally. I have no idea what your experiences are or where your tender spots are. If I say something you think is totally out of order, please email me privately and we will work it out. My intention is to build up, not tear down.

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