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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I think I need to name this baby Old Faithful. He has served me very well over the last 14 years. This is a 2000 Pontiac Montana.

The other day I drove in the garage and happened to look at the odometer and it said 99,900 miles. I have driven him a few more miles since then, so I have less than 100 miles to see it roll over to 100,000! I have never kept a car for that many years or miles, as I had husbands that thought we needed to trade every few years.

I think he has aged well, don't you? Still as handsome as ever with very few dings.

Some of you may wonder why I, as a single (and aging) woman, would want to drive a minivan. I love to drive it! It is much easier for me to get into rather than 'fall' into a lower car. I also sit up higher so I can see the road better. I like the sliding doors, which means I don't need a lot of side clearance in order to open those, like I need for the front. And the back end works so well for hauling groceries or any larger items. I can easily put my garbage cans in the back to take to the curb every week. I doubt they would fit in the small trunks cars have today. I have also hauled lots of tree branches and garden refuse to the city tree dump, as well as many other various things.

Once in awhile I even fill it with people! It does seat 7 fairly well, but I usually have the back row of seats folded up so the cargo area is larger. And with two sliding doors, the people can get in and out very well.

I do hope Old Faithful will stay with me as long as I am able to drive as I hate to think of having to buy something else.

Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

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