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Friday, February 19, 2016


While it is true that we have not had as much snow as the eastern part of the country did last year, we have had a lot more in my area this year than in many years past. We have had at least 2 big snowstorms receiving a foot or more of snow each. They have also been called blizzards because we had some very strong winds a couple of times. They were strong enough to blow some semi trucks off the road.

One of the prettiest snowfall we received was on November 20. We did not have wind with this storm which is very rare here on the prairie. I cannot remember ever seeing the views like in the pictures below, below, taken from my kitchen window and back door, at least since I moved to this house 10 years ago.

 I thought the higher bumps on the high fence rail are interesting, and wonder why it formed that way. The rail is flat. The snow on the lower rail gives a better picture of how much snow we got, as well as the high, round top of the tub behind the table.

 I love the 'loaf of bread' in the wire planter. This was a 'wet' snow as you can see how it sticks to the pickup. See the piles of snow on top of the bumper?

 I took this photo because of the amazing snow sculpture that extends from the edge of the garage roof.

 You can really see the big snowflakes falling here, as well as the lower visibility in town. It would be much worse in the open country. The main reason I took this picture was trying to get the snow piled up on the neighbor's picnic table and benches, but it is a little hard to see distinct lines.

Since it was still snowing when I took these pictures, we did get about 2" more snow by the time the storm was over.

The most recent storm we had did not leave much snow but the wind was 30-50 mph all night long and just blew what snow we did get into drifts. The highway that runs through town was blocked between here and the next town to the east. Snow plows were pulled off the roads around 10 pm so no travel advised.

We are told we can thank El Nino for all this snow, plus all the dense foggy nights and mornings. One day last week it was so dense that I could not see the end of my block so visibility was less than a quarter mile to zero, and that was in daylight. I am so thankful I did not have to go anywhere, and feel sorry for those that did.

Spring, come soon!

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  1. No snow here...yet. We can never count out the possibility of it until March is done. It seems that 8 out of 10 snows have occurred in March. Sleet and thick ice might occur in February but it looks like we're going to be in the clear this year on that score. And even though there is no snow, I do start wearying of winter along about now. I'll wish for it in the 8 months of summer.


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