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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Stitch in Time . . . .

I knew I had not posted for awhile but was shocked when I saw August 24 as the date of the last entry! So I will update you on some of the things that have kept me busy for the last month.
I am currently working on a big counted cross-stitch picture that I would like to be a family heirloom. This will make the third one, one for each of my kids. This picture is called Angel of Summer.
This is how much is almost done, the bottom half. 

Here is the chart I am using, which is black and white. I use a metal board under it, and a magnetic magnifier on top to keep track of the row I am working on. Plus I have a magnifier that hangs from my neck so I can find the right holes to put the needle in as I am working on 32-count linen. Without those aids, I would really have a hard time!

This gives you a better idea how large the chart is.
So this project has taken most of my time. I can't put it done for long as I am addicted.


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