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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Views from my Windows

Early Spring Ice/snow storm on April 9-11. These are views from each window of my house. Half these branches are mine and the other half are the neighbor's.

My tree in background, and my branches on the ground. This one is one of the larger ones.
Right outside my bedroom window. See the snow stacked up on the power line that attaches to my house.  See all the red buds of the maple tree.

My patio and the 4-5" snow on top of 1/2" or more of ice.

Looking out from my kitchen window. Notice the branch in the lower left corner. That is in the narrow alley between the house and garage. Several branches hit the house and most rolled off. I don't think there is much damage, if any.

View out of the other kitchen window. Isn't that a pretty tree in the center?

Across the street. The landlord's tracks in the driveway we share. See the pile of snow covered branches the neighbor piled at the curb after the ice storm but before the snowstorm.

My white birch in front of my front porch. Those low hanging branches almost touching the ground did recover and back to normal height.

This large, long branch of the birch tree is not so lucky. It has snapped but still attached. It will have to be taken down.

These are low hanging branches of the other tree in front of the house. They are either touching the ground or within inches. It was hard to tell. They have since recovered as well.

This tree is just a few feet from a living room window. Look at the snow plastered to the side of the trunk and settled in the crotch as well as on the ice covered branches.
Today, almost all the snow is already gone.

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