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Thursday, February 26, 2015


I just finished reading this book and really enjoyed it. It is a Christian novel and I so appreciated there being no filthy words. I just hate it when an otherwise great story and plot has so many filthy words that are not necessary to the story at all.

The story takes place in England in the 1800's and depicts what life was probably like in that country of that era.

Here is a quote from a book review by Carrie Daws found here.

A husband’s unexpected death sets off a series of events in the historical novel The Widow of Larkspur Inn by Lawana Blackwell. A family used to a large house in the city full of servants must move to an abandoned inn in the country and figure out how to do everything from clean to cook to serve others. A cast that includes three children round out the fun and challenges, while a faithful servant adds mystery to the story.

I happened to get this on my Kindle as a free book at the time. I see it is not free right now, but you never know when it might show up on the free list again.

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  1. That is indeed a really good book. I read the entire series and I'd love to own them! Don't you think these would translate well to a movie as well? So glad you got to read this!


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