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Sunday, June 7, 2015



Don't worry, I have not forgotten you! I am neck deep in genealogy again and it has priority. I feel like I did when I had to write a high school thesis before I could graduate high school. I had a lot of research to do, and then put it all together and write it, including footnotes and bibliography. That required a whole lot of time and work. Remember those days? If you went to college, you had even more experience doing that.

It is necessary to get this work done before July 11. That is when our family reunion is and I want it at least close to completion as I can get it by then. I am printing copies of census records concerning ancestors, and any other records I have managed to find online. I just recently found online the naturalization card for one of my great grandfathers. It all gets so interesting that I don't want to stop.

As to BRB, I can't say how soon that will be since the summer is just heating up and getting really busy until fall. So bear with me! As Arnold said, "I'll be back!" I will try to pop in now and then.

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  1. I would love to do my Family Tree. My husband's niece is really into this - maybe I should get her to do it!
    I miss the family reunions we used to have when I was growing up!!

    Linda in VA


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