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Monday, May 8, 2017


The next round of surgery is scheduled. That's right, another round coming soon.

I need to have cataracts removed from both eyes and the first one is scheduled for the end of May, and the other one will be the middle of June. The doctor will also be doing a procedure to help with the glaucoma I have at the same time.

Because of the glaucoma procedure I cannot have the surgeries done here at the local hospital, but have to go to Sioux Falls, an hour away. I had my other surgeries in Sioux Falls as well, but this will be done right in the ophthalmology office/surgical center and not one of the hospitals.

I do need drivers to take me there and home again. And as I was reading all the pre-surgery info today I realize I need a driver for the following day for a checkup. I sure wish my kids lived closer and could take those days off of work. I think I do have my Bible study students available for the first surgery, but will have to check with them to see if they can do the next day as well.

The trials of living alone and having family so far away. But it will work out.

I so hope this will be the end of any more surgeries!


  1. I hope your Bible study students come through for you. Best wishes for 20/20 vision when you are all done!!

    1. It looks like both my students will be able to help out with first surgery and my daughter is asking off for the second one in June. Thanks for your good wishes!


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