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Friday, May 12, 2017


As I have checked out this blog after being AWOL for quite some time, I realize I really need to remodel the site, or at least do some reorganizing and updating. Unfortunately that will have to wait for awhile. I am busy making an afghan again, this one for my daughter. And I have several other things that need to be done and take priority over the time I would have to spend here. Just be thankful I have posted a few time recently!

I am now working on a laptop. My desktop computer is refusing to connect to the internet for some reason. I changed nothing but one day it connected and the next day it didn't, and still doesn't. I really do need to take it in and have several other fixes done. But I know it will that $$$ that I don't have right now. Some day. . . . . . .


  1. Oh I so understand!! My laptop is so slow and freezes up all the time. I need to break down and replace it. I am doing everything from my smart phone which doesn't allow for easy blogging! Plus, we live in an area with lousy internet!!!!! Grrrr!

    1. Uncooperative electronics is so frustrating! When my computers get slow I run ScanDisk or whatever program you have for cleaning out all the unnecessary files of old cache, etc.


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