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Monday, October 30, 2017


 We did not have a very pretty fall this year. It seems like it took longer for the trees to turn colors and then, suddenly, they were almost all pretty colors. But that didn't last long as we got some very strong winds a day or two later, and it wasn't just one day of wind but several during that week. And now most of the trees are almost naked. The picture above was taken 3 years ago when we did have a beautiful fall. It is my favorite time of year, but today it is feeling more like winter with blustery winds, overcast, gray skies and temp in low 30's. It seems fall has fallen away. I am so not ready for winter so I hope we get many nice days in November before the snow and bitter cold arrive.

I could have titled this post " Procrastinating Again" as that is what I have been doing the last couple of days. I really need to be doing some cleaning and organizing for company coming, starting Friday evening. My family has planned an open house for my 75th birthday this coming Sunday afternoon and I will have up to 8 extra people sleeping here Saturday night, and several more will be at the house on Sunday evening, after the open house, which is at the church. My son is providing supper but asked me to make a big bowl of potato salad as they love my salad.

I also have to plan a few other meals for the rest of the weekend. I plan to make pork carnitas and cole slaw for Saturday evening, along with all the extras. I can do the carnitas in the crock pot a few days before and freeze, and the cole slaw is an easy and quick salad. And then there are a couple breakfasts that will be kept very simple with cold cereal on hand and will bake some Grands cinnamon rolls. I am not going to make my own since I really don't have time nor the energy to get those made ahead. Besides, they are best fresh from the oven. One of my daughters has a wheat allergy and I found a recipe for apple cinnamon oatmeal breakfast bars that sound really good and they can be made ahead. So now I need to get to the grocery store to get everything I need.

I had planned to go to the store today as I had an eye exam at 11 in the same town I  get groceries. But since the weather is so crappy, and I tweaked my right knee when I was leaving the house, I was more than ready to go straight home and rest a bit. I grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald's drive-thru on the way home so lunch is done too. I rarely procrastinate when it comes to eating. 😤

 I could bore you with the long list of things I need to get done, so forget that. I wish I could forget that! With a houseful of people coming to stay, one bathroom could be a problem. At least it is about 3 times larger than what I had before, there can be at least 2 people doing hair and makeup at the same time. And some people will be sleeping on air mattress or sleeping bags on the floor so I guess the younger ones will have to call dibs for their floor space. Two can sleep on the floor in my room, one or two on the floor and one in the spare bed in the spare room, There is room for two on the kitchen floor and one or two in the dining area if the table is moved out a ways.  I would never have been able to do this if I had not moved here so I am well blessed.

I am going to ask some good friends from many years ago to come to the house after the open house and so will have to find extra seating as well. I have 6 dining chairs, 3 on sofa, leather chair and another upholstered chair in living room, one or two small people on ottoman, my rolling stool and the computer chair. If we need more seats I have 4 plastic patio chairs, a folding lawn chair, and even the wheel chair my daughter found to use at her daughter's wedding a couple years ago. It is 'stored' in the back of my van. I am not sure where we will be able to put all those chairs! And if I get desperate for more, there is the shower chair and the floor. But it will all work out and we will have fun. It is just too bad my birthday comes during cold weather and we could be outside, or at least in the garage, but I didn't have any say about when to be born.

Even though my family is taking care of everything for the open house, there is still a lot to be done by me. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and family and am very thankful that I am still here at 75. My dad died at age 60 and Mom died at age 62. It is hard for me to believe I am that old as  it doesn't feel that old, even though my body is complaining in several places.

It is high time I stop procrastinating and get to work.

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  1. Aw, how exciting! I'm sure having all the house guests may be adding stress to the celebration, but relax and enjoy!!! Your fall picture from a few years ago was very pretty. When we lived in the mountains of NC, I remember the wind taking all the pretty leaves within a couple days one year. Here today and then poof! gone!


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