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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Turtling. That is what I am doing. I thought I came up with the word but when I googled it I found a few definitions and some slang usage. The first thing that came up was simply hunting for turtles. But I ask, do you call it deering when hunting deer? Or ducking if hunting ducks? I guess we do call 'hunting' for fish as fishing. There is a physical condition called turtling but it is not something I care to discuss here. And some of the slang usage is unmentionable as well.

My definition of turtling is when I pull my head and all extremities inside my shell and stay there. You might call it hibernating since we have had a severly cold winter and are in a storm watch for tomorrow. We did have one blizzard as well. I just do not go out if there is ice and/or snow as I don't want to fall and break a bone. I will even cancel a medical appointment if the weather and roads are bad.

I also have withdrawn from Facebook most of the time, and have not posted to my online group friends very often. And obviously have not posted here either. I do have some posts titled and in the drafts folder so will be sharing them eventually. What is there to write about when you don't do anything? Last week and this week I have been watching the Olympics and I don't multitask very well anymore, so I don't get much done. But they are finished in a couple of days and then I need to get busy.


  1. My father's people came down from Canada and settled in Turtle Lake North Dakota. We buried him there and after the funeral we all went down and bought these really ugly Turtlelake sweat shirts and sat in front of his favorite bar (Betty Boobs) with our heads pulled down into our sweat shirts. Good memories. I too have been enjoying the Olympics as I have the flu and cannot really do anything else.

    1. That is such a funny story! It gave me a good laugh and made my day, so thanks.

  2. 'Tis the season for hibernating, but take heart! Spring IS on the way.
    P.S. I don't do FB at all

  3. I used to follow a blogger who used turtle to describe her life. I am a turtle most days, too.

  4. Hi Lorita, I’m your sister turtle.

  5. Thanks, girls, for all your comments. I think we can form a Turtle Club! I do feel that this winter it has become a little more than just hibernating, so am hoping spring will get me out of this funk.


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